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Default Re: User Response : PR Response to Linus Torvald's Inflammatory Comments

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
Linus Benedict Torvalds is not welcome here.

hummm... maby have both to learn ... for live in peace hey peep's we are not on street
we are in community and shold try to help together with informations, tip's and tricks
as partner and not as enemy ...... maby shold the next Crafic card named "Alien enemy" ?
Hey, common, take a beer and go to Linus and be better as him and give him a hand in pease.. how every goes on.. we whant have a future in peace and not in war.. imho ?

In the next Linuxday may by take the change and be better.. give Linus an Beer and
drink once together for frendship and good partnership together..

it is better as live in War and have angry every day... i can understand to be Intel and Nvidia not the best frend, but why shold be not speakout with a Creator of Linux..
hey his dude had get us an Linux around the world and trade therewith the GPL..
and get there with a possibility to make Reactos ...

hey common.. take a beer and get Linus once too and go outside to speak..
on the next linuxday

this is a change to live more in pease, and not only for the Linuxcommunity..
anyway, any mus make the first step.. do it !

best regards
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