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Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
There is some pretty big news from their presentation today.

The main things are:

Windows phone 8 will use Windows 8 core
Why is this a good thing? What was wrong with the CE underpinnings of WP7?

Native code (C/C++)
Which wasn't really a problem in WP7 that needed solving. But it's probably a good thing.

Multicore support
Which was a strange omission in the first place, since the CE underpinnings of the WP7 kernel supported multicore in the first place, but WP7 itself did not.

Higher screen resolution
A good thing. But having multiple resolutions to support can be troublesome for the devs.

Removable Storage
A good thing. Not that I've ever used it once in my lifetime, but others do.

Question: Is this form of NFC universally supported as a standard? Or is this an MS-only function? If it is the latter, it will be dead on arrival.

Secure boot / Bitlocker encryption
This is certainly a plus. I wish more phones/tablets supported this.

Skype and or other VOIP will be tightly integrated into the OS
It has yet to be seen how well it works. MS bought out Skype, but they are still their own operation for some reason. Maybe thats a good thing. I will wait til I see it to pass judgment.

IE10 Metro (Hopefully pages will render exactly like they would on a desktop)
I will have to admit, so far IE10 is slicker than snot. And quite possibly the fastest and most responsive browser available right now, even in its beta form. It's too bad the interface and functionality will suck balls if its anything like the desktop. And it doesn't support plug-ins. But thats par for the course on tablets/phones, so no viable gripe there.

No upgrade path for any WP7 devices, WP7.8 will include some of WP8's features
Now this was really a stupid move on Microsofts part. Abandon (for the second time in two years) their user base. Just bought the top of the line Nokia 900? Your sh*t out of luck. Meanwhile, Apple still supports the 3GS, which came out over a year after WP7 did.
How long will the Windows Phone fanbois hold out before they realize MS doesn't have the faintest clue as to what it is doing?

This makes WP8 very interesting.
But not if you want to have faith that your purchase will be supported long-term. Remarkable that I need to say that, considering MS has a history of supporting XP for up to 12 years. But the phones and tablet market? Not so much

They were really trying to drive home the point that if you make an application that can run on Windows 8, it can quickly be tweaked and run on WP8. Since the OS handles all of the APIs for sensors, network, etc, the developer doesn't need to write code for drivers, they just tie into the exact same APIs that are used on all Windows platforms and it will work. They were also really pushing games and showing how you could write a game in C++, use DirectX and run the same games you could on other platforms. Obviously it's going to dependent upon the hardware but devs can scale performance accordingly.
We'll have to see on that. AFAIK, it is already a trivial matter with the current programming tools to do that. the problem is, you need to reprogram in the first place because of the differing interfaces. Tablet UI /= Phone UI, even in the Windows 8 world. Just like you wouldn't want to use an iPhone app in iPad without making obvious changed to each platform, the same goes for Windows 8. At least for the sane developers.

4 makers for WP8 phones: Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and huawei.
Doesn't matter how many makers you have. If none of them can make a decent phone, it doesn't matter. So far, only one company can make a decent Windows Phone, and thats Nokia. Too bad their current offerings are going to be considered obsolete in 6 months, while the 2009 iPhone 3GS is still going to be supported by iOS 6 this fall. IOW, their current top of the line phones are being sabotaged by Windows 8.
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