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Default QUICK QUESTION: Will my PSU power GTX 460?


I looked at other posts, but just wanted to make sure.

The graphics card in my old PC died, so I bought a GTX 460 (MSI Cyclone). Will my TOPOWER (it's a non-existing anymore brand which used to make very good quality stuff) 420W be enough to power it?

It has 2 12V rails, 20A each (pretty strong I think for a 5-year old PSU), maximum load on 12V 336W.

I use only 1 regular HDD, 1 DVD drive and 1 fan, so not much more 12V power needed for the rest of my computer.

From what I've read it seems like it could handle it (I could perhaps downclock it a little bit), but I'd like to be sure.

P.S. Also, it has a switch that combines 2 12V rails into 1, lol I've already had it on COMBINED, should I keep it?


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