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Default Re: GTX 680 + linux, What is the max pixelclock?

Originally Posted by vatjjar View Post
Waperboy, you seem to have a working linux setup with Catleap monitor. I'm myself running the same monitor with Geforce GTX 670. Setting mode for the native resolution of the panel fails. There are no errors in the logs, so everything seems to be fine, but the display is filled with trash. Vertical color stripes of different colors. I can run VGA resolution just fine. The driver set installed is the latest from NVidia 30x.xx something.

I'm wondering whether the problem is with my xorg.conf, or is this a driver issue. My setup is dual-boot windows, and Windows does not have a problem with my rig.
If u want here is my config for running my catleap @ 100Hz:

Under monitor of xorg.conf:

VertRefresh 30 - 120
HorizSync 28 - 200
Modeline "2560x1440" 400.00 2560 2608 2640 2720 1440 1443 1448 1481 +Hsync +Vsync

Under device of xorg.conf:

Option "Coolbits" "1"
Option "UseEDID" "FALSE"
Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "True"
Option "NoBandWidthTest" "true"
Option "ModeValidation" "AllowNon60hzmodesDFPModes, NoEDIDDFPMaxSizeCheck, NoVertRefreshCheck, NoHorizSyncCheck, NoDFPNativeResolutionCheck, NoMaxSizeCheck, NoMaxPClkCheck, NoEDIDModes"
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