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Default Re: Computer Restoration Project 2012.

Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
While it is fun to build, mod and restore and practical, and I can appreciate that. I'd take the budget and get a new chassi looking at those pictures.

The reason being just how much better chassis have become compared to the oldschool ones.
Better airflow, more silent designs, easy to remove and maintain dust covers, route cables behind the motherboard tray etc etc.

With your budget there's plenty of good options available! and you wouldn't have to mount your cpu cooler the wrong way anymore

Then get a Corsair HX 650 psu later. They are very robust, modular and will last you a long time, even if you decide to add more hardware later on or overclock.
I thought about just going for a new case. I really did.

Its quiet and simple just the way i like it. Every mod I have ever done for it has been to make my pc even more quiet than before. (note: cpu cooler is wrong way?? lol, its possible, i put that on in 2010 after buying another heaksink ..)
Plus my goal is also to have fun with this. I love learning new skills. The experience of creating something.

I ll look into that psu. Thanks for the tip.

Anyway day 1 of the project has not gone exactly as planned. My local shop didn't have any spare cases in stock, so I m borrowing my friend's case for the month. My trip to walmart for paint and suppiles was a bust. I only got a can of gray primer. Lowe's is next on my list. A bit beat after my pool job so I m shooting for a sunday for that. Hope to have everything by then.

I ve also been raiding my place for tools and spare parts. I have a huge fan that I may use to replace my current exhaust fan. In fact I m going to go look for that right now.
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