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Default Re: Computer Restoration Project 2012.

It's not "wrong" but less then optimal you could say. You wanna align the cpu cooler with the exhaust fan in the back, that way you get good airflow from the front through the chassi and out the back. And the other reason being your graphics card is below radiating heat upwards to cool the cpu with.. So even with the chassi you have now, you can optimize it for better performance.

Im also using an old chassi, mine is from 2004 before cable routing behind the mobo tray became the norm. Had I the tools i would make some holes my self for better cable management as there's enough room back there. But it's a big chassi so it's of less consequence.

If you really want a silent pc then cable management and airflow is key. Less heat and air restrictions enables you to run your fans at lower rpm while maintaining good performance. Put a good silent fan with high static pressure on the cpu cooler and swap out old generic fans.
Psu's now days tend to not have 80 or 92mm fans in the back but instead a big one in the bottom/top for less noise.
Harddrives you can effectively silence by suspending them with shoe laces in an empty 3.5 bay.
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