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Post Kickstarter Katchup ' 30th June 2012

As I stare down the epic list of Kickstarted and Indiegogoed PC projects, my tired eyes cry out, 'sleep John, it's Saturday morning.' But then my fingers call back, 'No eyes! That is weakness. And we can show no weakness in the face of trying to think of a word other than 'goal' or 'target' for every entry.' 'But you just typed 'goat' instead of 'goal',' retort my eyes. But even this can't stop me.

Usual rules. Our mentioning a game here doesn't mean we endorse giving it your money ' it's all on you. And if there's a game you'd like to see mentioned, email me via my name above ' but this of course doesn't guarantee that a project will be mentioned. And a new one, below.


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