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I agree that it's a mixed bag.

While I agree that the quality of NVIDIA drivers on Linux are generally of high quality and that I don't really have a great interest in Optimus Technology. I guess everyone has their own itch. I would expect that NVIDIA would support base functionality for most of their cards. Or at least not remove this support once provided.

This is the case with the version of the GT330M that inhabits the Toshiba A660 as I reported some seven months ago X Server fails to start Fedora 16 GT330M. Further to this, I have not received a response for six months. Meanwhile I'm left with FC14 that has been EOL for this time.

On the subject of dealing with NVIDIA and while Linus tends to overuse superlatives, I too have found myself somewhat frustrated over this issue. A response that deals with specifics ie we will not provide support for your GT330M again, while undesirable, is better that a void.
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