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Default Re: Nvidia 173.14.35: Fedora 17 x86 terribly slow

Why are you insisting on using modern software on your very old hardware?

It's akin to blaming Microsoft that Windows 7 doesn't run at all on your Pentium III PC with 256MB of RAM or that Android 4.x doesn't run on your 4 yo smartphone which only has 128MB of RAM. It's either time to upgrade, or use appropriate versions of software, e.g. you can easily run XFCE with nouveau.

And please stop peddling that ill-famed Linus Torvalds's "F*ck you" video clip, you are irking the people who are here to help you (I mean NVIDIA programmers).

If you have anything to say to NVIDIA, talk to Jen-Hsun Huang directly.

Aaron and other NVIDIA guys here do not choose which products to support.

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