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Default Re: Black Ops 2 due to be officially announced very soon

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Yeah your right about MW3 RollinThundr, it is a console game there is no doubt about that. Hopefully Treyarch will implement some large maps (large for a cod title) as they did with Blops and maybe with some decently ran dedicated servers by mature admins the hackers wont have it all there way as they did with MW3 and MW2.

Speaking of which has anyone ever heard of MW3AC ? Its basically a little program that kicks IP addresses from the router/modem. Its pretty good as it allows the host of a lobby to kick any cheaters from the game, i have been using it recently with great satisfaction i might add.
I think the small maps were more or less in support of that ridiculous kill confirmed game mode than anything to do with being on the consoles to be honest. Hopefully Treyarch does a good job, I liked World At War and Blops 1 well enough. If it's fun I'll pick it up.
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