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Default Re: Official Screenshot Thread 2012

Hey I took those using dx 11 max settings, 8xMSAA, 1080p, and injected FXAA. The color and contrast come from using halbic filmic hdr, which I think is the one right before photographic in the options menu. It increases the contrast, which looks good for the cars, but tends to make the tracks look really bad. Try turning hdr off as well to get more color. I get around 30 fps with these settings but I have an old e8400. This game really needs a quad core to run 60fps + at max settings. The latest build also is known to have major problems which are supposed to be fixed in a patch this week.

For those of you wondering about the gameplay it plays really good for a pre alpha. The game is not due out until summer 2013. There's no input lag now tho and the cars are very drivable. It's hard to judge it overall tho because they are working on an advanced new tire model and dynamic physics system so almost all the physics right now are placeholder. The FFB is a work in progress too. The tracks are each only around 30% done as well so there's lots of ugly placeholder textures still on most of them. The current AI is a placeholder as well. The game should be awesome when it's done though. They are adding a fully dynamic weather system, there's already 24hr time of day lighting, full career mode , coop, pit stops, and a dedicated MP servers.

Here's a few more shots:

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