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Originally posted by djlightning
I got it to go in with 0 effort with the tar ball install.
make install
thats it..... now I cant say much for the video drivers yet but the nForce went with out a hitch
Same here I got the nforce NIC driver to go with 0 problems. Dunno about the audio I am using an Audigy card and have the nvaudio disabled in BIOS.

Next question is how to get the graphics driver to work. Config is with the 8RDA+ mobo, FX 5200 nvidia card, 2500+ Barton chip.

I tried the nvidia installer and the install went fine after switching to runlevel 3. However when I restarted to test runlevel 5, X locked up and I got a screen full of @ symbols and related garbage. I have since reinstalled Fedora entirely (can't seem to get into even a text login to remod the X config file).

Any ideas? I have read through a couple other articles and found that I may need to add the NVAGP option to my xconfig file and set it to 1 to avoid using the agpgart. Anyone have any thoughts or anyone been able to install the nvidia graphics drivers with Fedora on an Epox 8RDA+ mobo? And if so, how?
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