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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

All i can see here is fans of either one of the consoles... Let me get this out for all of you, xbox 360 has more ram, NOT a lot but if i read correctly there is 128 mb's of more ram on the xbox dedicated to graphics. The ps3 has less memory because of its blue ray disks witch are capable of preforming better picture. People were saying the ps3 has a better cpu. That's if you were comparing the ps3 to the old xbox 360, the new slim one has a superior cpu with the gpu built in to it to form one. that leads up to less failure rates and better performance and as we all know none of the new slims fail like the old xbox's failed design. Now ps3 on the other hand it has great graphics but not the good games people buy the xbox to play and most people don't know this but the ps3 eats up internet memory FAST and the xbox barley eats up any and that's one of the reasons xbox make you pay for live, and all the extra features, protection and updates. But the ps3 is also lacking the party or whatever you would like to call it, they have chat but you cant talk to more than one person if i read correctly and the xbox only had chat in 2007 till it updated to the 8 way chat known as parties, So the ps3 is looking like a downfall in every way but the blueray that preforms better picture but i read up if your playing a games that are on both consoles the xbox looks better so only ps3 exclusives look the best. And if i saw right the ps3 has been using the same controller design for 12 years.... And i saw there was a pc guy in here.. common gaming pc's cost 1500$ why would you even go there.
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