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Default Black/weird screen when switchting between X and TTY


my graphics card is a NVIDIA 310M. I'm running the latest NVIDIA driver (version 302.17) on top of a 3.4.4 kernel. I can definitively say that these issues were already present in older versions of the NVIDIA driver, although I haven't kept any records, because I was using the nouveau driver in the meantime, which is working fine with regard to these problems.

The first (minor) issue I've got is during boot up, where some messages on the screen get screwed up and look *really* weird. Basically they can't be read any more. It doesn't apply to all messages, but in general makes the boot process pretty much inexplicable.

The other (major) issue is that once X gets started, I can't switch back to any TTY any more. When trying to switch between X and TTY the very first time after having rebooted the machine, the screen turns totally black with the backlight disabled. However I can switch back to X and don't experience any abnormalities. On any consecutive switch to TTY the screen doesn't get totally black any more, but there are some bars with brighter regions and some bars with darker ones (although it is hard to make them out). The backlight stays on. I still can switch back to X and use it normally.

My best guess would be that these issues are related to each other and have something to do with the framebuffer. I was using uvesafb in the past to circumvent both of the above issues, but this can't be considered as a real solution, as it sucks to run these kind of things in userspace to have something as basic as working consoles.

As said above, it works fine with the open-source nouveau driver, so there is definitely something wrong with the NVIDIA one and not with my hardware.

I'm aware of the fact that pictures taken with a camera might be a little bit unprofessional, but maybe it helps you to understand what is going on, because it is pretty hard to describe it with words as I'm not a native speaker. I'm also attaching the nvidia-bug-report.log.gz generated by nvidia-bug-report.

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know in order to narrow this down.

Best regards,
Karol Babioch
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