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Default Video Screen goes Blank for a few Seconds

I have a problem that I "think" is related to the nVidia drivers.

The system is a mythbuntu 12.04 LTS System. The hardware is a Zotac IONITX A-C system with a Rev B1 ION system.

The nVidia Drivers I have installed currently are 295.59. I have tried the standard and proprietry driver (I think that is the right term).

The box is primarily used as a MythTV frontend using a HDMI connection. I am seeing the video go blank for approximately 5 - 8 seconds at a time. The audio signal, when present is still working. i say when present as i have seen the screen go blank even when at the myth tv menus. I do not recall the screne going blank when at the desktop, though the amount of time I am at the desktop is very small.

I have mythtv set up to use VDPAU Normal as this was suggested as the best setting.

The blanking is infrequent but extremely annoying when it does happen and WAF is diminishing.

A mythtV developer has suggested I should revert back to version 270.* of the nVidia drivers.

My question I suppose is where do I go to from here. I have tried downloading the 270.41.19 driver version but had trouble installing that driver. The sections on installing drivers on this forum suggest that installing on an ubuntu based system could be problematic, Should I be trying to locate older versions of the distribution releases??

I am happy to try some suggestions, although I am new to Linux, but not computing in general, and will endeavor to provide any information that is required.

Thank you for your patience and any help you can give.
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