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Default Re: Should I buy Diablo 3? Opinions welcome...

I can't exactly tell you personally, as the current laptop I have won't run the thing, without hacking it to run with Intel gfx, and doing such, it runs 4-6 fps and I lag so far behind any group playing, I'm still running up as they're killing. I gave up after about a day. Until a new computer I ordered arrives in a couple weeks, can't really say more, except this.

Someone I know, had also got this, and after about a week or so of playing he said he'd rather play Diablo II, then this. He was extremely disappointed that he waited so many years, for it.... I got it through the annual pass, so other then a $5 I put down (which I never followed through on, due to the annual pass) haven't really payed extra for it. They did offer me the beta, after i had loaded the MoP beta and had a number of bugs to report to them with that, but then again it wouldn't load.... Anyhow, there you go, from what I've been hearing thus far, albeit it is second hand....
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