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Default Re: iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note? Which should I go for.....

Originally Posted by -=Gib-McFragger=- View Post
I have been running the HTC One XL for a while now and other than the giant, sexy screen....I miss my 4s. iOS is still ahead of ICS in terms of stability and performance. Once Apple decides to upsize the minuscule display size on the iPhone, I am switching back in a heartbeat.

As for the GS3, I had a Galaxy Nexus. I can't stand Samsung and their oversaturated SAMOLED Pentile Displays. Not only do they look blown out, they are impossible to see in sunlight.

ICS is much better than all previous versions of Android, but still buggy. If Google would step up and force companies to stop sticking their crappy, buggy skins on top of it (Touchwiz, Sense, etc), it would be much better. I shouldn't have to root my phone, remove the bloatware, and run Vanilla ISC which voids the warranty to make it perform properly.
I can see some dithering on Text when they are a certain font size..etc but, I can live with that. Having said that this pentile display is supposed to be better than the Nexus one but, its inferior compared to the retina display of the iPhone4. So that goes to iphone4

As for the samsung version of the ICS...i am ok with it. It works and does things I want. Not one single crash as well so far so good.
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