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Default Re: Black/weird screen when switchting between X and TTY

Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
I really miss my 1920x1080 framebuffer console ever since I switched to an NVidia card :-( I now have an 80x25 console with giant, stretched, distorted and blurry characters and the boot-up graphics don't work anymore. Booting the machine is like in the bad old MS-DOS days.

Is providing a framebuffer driver that cooperates well with the X driver really that difficult?
You have a Fermi card, right? I know it's not officially supported, but so far I haven't had any problems w/ vesafb on Fermi and 302.17... but, of course, YMMV. And so far I haven't had any problems with a GeForce 210 and 295.* and down. And only tangential problems with a 7950 GX2 w/ 290ish on down (random suspend hangs, may or may not be fb related).

I forget the exact resolution but I think I can get 1280x1024 out of vesafb and some Plymouth graphics, which isn't too bad.
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