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Default Re: F16/290.06: Unstable FPS on Xeon/470, working just fine on Athlon 635/210.

I believe I just got nominated for the "Weird solution of 2012" award.
While trying to debug this issue, I ran games with oprofile running - and sadly enough nothing sprang into view.
*However* (drums!), due to the late hour / lack of sleep / far-too-many-hours-at-work, I mistake-ably ran sysprof instead of oprofile (no idea how or why, don't ask) and Shazam! stable FPS.
as in rock-solid.

Stop sysprof, and the FPS shutters like a drunk on far too many bottles of whiskey. Start it again, and it's smooth sailing.

For the life of me I cannot begin to think where I should report this issue. Weird!

- Gilboa
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