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Default Re: 302.17 nvidiaXineramaInfoOverride not working properly

VMware-Workstation detects your multimonitor setup and lets virtual machines, In my case Windows XP to use any combination of monitors or all of them.

Using the display properties - settings in the Windows XP vm under 295.59 I see 3 - 1920x1200 monitors, all active.

Under 302.17 I see only 2 monitors, 3840x1200, and 1920x1200. The 3840x1200 is only on 1 monitor with panning and one monitor is unused.

Since VMware-Workstation is proprietary and closed source, I have no way of knowing where they are getting monitor configuration from but I suspect it is from gnome.

Make my python script show the nvidiaXineramaOverride info with gtk first and lets see if that fixes it.
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