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Post Watch the Safety Geeks: SVI 3D Comedy Show on Blu-ray 3D

The live action 3D comedy show Safety Geeks: SVI, previously only available through the online 3D content portal has also been available on Blu-ray 3D media for a while now thanks to DDD. Safety Geeks: SVI is the comic adventures of an elite force of safety experts; the P.O.S.H. (Professional Occupational Safety Hazard) team. Obsessed with making the world safer, the CSI-like team investigates accidents to find out what went wrong and who is to blame. P.O.S.H. provides an obscure, well-meaning service ' unfortunately, they are a bunch of idiots. The show was created and produced by Tom Konkle and Dave Beeler, who also share headlining roles with Xena: Warrior Princess alum, Brittney Powell. It was directed by Roger Tonry and 3D special effects were handled by Burbank-based Lumen Actus.
'We set out to make a world where anything could happen, fusing classic slapstick comedy with Monty Python, The Thunderbirds, CSI, The Saint and Twilight, without the Twilight bits,' said Dave Beeler. '3D is a tool like music, color and pacing. So bringing in another tool, the z axis, literally gives you another dimension to play with. And because comedy, especially physical comedy, is all about spatial relationships, we were really excited to explore that with 3D.'

I recommended at least to take a look at the show if you still haven't done so and if you like the type of humor it uses, the the Blu-ray 3D version a go or watch it online if you have stereo 3D hardware compatible with Yabazam‚?¶ ;)

- For more information about the Safety Geeks: SVI 3D Comedy Show‚?¶
- In order to get the Safety Geeks: SVI 3D comedy show on Blu-ray 3D media‚?¶

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