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Default Re: Should I buy Diablo 3? Opinions welcome...

Well if you can sell gold on the rmah, then it might not be a loss... And I think this is the first time I have ever posted that; previous to this game gold sellers were kinda bad, spam bots, hackers, and the like. Bliz made it an official part of the game now, so one can post this totally within their EULA

In a few weeks, I'll probably load it and take a look myself, but from what some friends have said, kinda glad I got it from the annual pass, rather then a seperate purchase price. But haven't really played first hand, so.... The new lappy is scheduled to arrive by Fed Ex on July 17 though, so will be a few... The current with a core 2 duo, and Intel 950 gfx (eeewwww), 2 GB RAM can't run it properly, but the new will have an i7 ivy bridge quad core, 8 GB dual channel memory, and gt 650 with a dedicated 1 GB gddr5 to pair (the current laptop has no dedicated video memory, and yes not the most powerful card out there of the current crop, but it is a laptop so there's power and temp considerations, etc... It'll still be a massive upgrade, especially for a portable computer)...
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