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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I have a problem here. The AGPGART patch from NVIDIA is marked only for kernel 2.4.20 and I have kernel 2.4.22. When I try to use th diff file it won't merge into the kernel. Now the nVidia docs state to perform the merge manually, but how in the H-E- double hockey sticks do you do that? Like the sig says, I am a newbie and really don't wanna go mucking up the source code for my kernel. Also, say if I did go back a kernel version to the 2.4.20 -- what happens if I move on to a newer kernel...... If someone out there could post their steps in getting the nvidia driver to work on their 8RDA+ board, I would appreciate it.

I have just installed fedora core 1 after getting frustrated with trying to use Libranet 2.8.1 and getting the nVidia drivers to work with my mobo/graphics card. Libranet states that they have native support for the nVidia graphics, and the 2.8.1 version will install them at installation of the OS, however due to whatever problem I am having with the 8RDA+ mobo, X just completely locks up after installing Libranet with the nvidia drivers.

Either way, both copies of Linux that I have (Fedora and Libranet) come with kernels that are > 2.4.20 so the nVidia nForce AGPGART patch won't work. Anyone have any thoughts of ideas as to what I should do here?
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