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Default Re: 302.17 nvidiaXineramaInfoOverride not working properly

It sounds like GDK is getting monitor information from RandR 1.2 instead of from Xinerama when it's available. Since 295.59 didn't support RandR 1.2, it picks up your setting from TwinviewXineramaInfoOverride. Since 302.17 does support RandR 1.2, it's ignoring your nvidiaXineramInfoOverride setting and reading the RandR 1.2 configuration instead. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fake RandR 1.2 info the same way it is with Xinerama. I would suggest checking the GNOME documentation or support community to see if there is a way to make it use the Xinerama info instead of the RandR info.
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