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Default Re: Should I buy Diablo 3? Opinions welcome...

D3 is still fun for me but all my characters are still in nightmare mode. It's not until you get into hell and inferno that gold farming and auction house gear starts coming into play and the flaws start to surface.

Aside from that, the game mechanics for combat and movement and the environment are all incredibly well polished (skill balancing aside) Far more satisfying than the combat in path of exile.

For me though, POE has more depth to the gameplay and more thought put into the end game, no auction house, etc.

I paid for the full time beta access for that one and don't regret it. It's very slow and sluggish combat and carries the same type of clunkiness as Diablo II has.

torchlight 2 though is going to own everything I believe. I've preordered that one as well and the combat, and everything in that feels incredible.
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