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Default Re: Microsoft explained why they killed start button

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post

It seemed they are right to killed it off because majority of Windows users never used start button. I always enabled Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program after installed Windows on all PCs.

I know lots of people who never used start button: my dad, uncles, aunts, sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, brother in law and all my mates. I very rarely used start button, I only opened it to find a program I forget what it called somewhere in 100 folders when I cant find it in Search.

Majority of Windows users used Search to find apps, emails and files. Pin apps and games to taskbar or put shortcuts on desktop, only tiny minority of users are just old fashioned who prefered the hard and long way to find apps and files in start menu, majority users prefered to find what they want the fastest and simple way. To shutdown PC, they rathered pressed power button instead of going to start button and click shutdown or they created shutdown shortcut on taskbar.
This is Horse ****.
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