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Default Re: G92 [Quadro FX 2800M]: GPU at 0000:01:00.0 has fallen off the bus

Originally Posted by jds7717 View Post
Did you ever resolve your problem? We seem to be having similar problems on M6500 and M6600 systems.
No it was never resolved.

Please provide reproduction steps ?
This is quickest way:
  1. Start browser (FF or chrome)
  2. Go to youtube or any other video site
  3. Start playing video or playlist
  4. Start other activities such as writing code using gedit / vim
  5. Browsing API docs using browser
  6. Withing 10 to 15 minutes (sometime within mintues) it will freeze with above error.
Sometime it will just happen randomly with same error. We also ran various test provided by Dell (software based) and found no error. The device works perfectly under Windows - 7.

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