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the game is still jacked up. 1.3 is coming July 9th or 10th and 1.4 about a week later. Looks like we'll have to wait another few weeks to even bother. See, it was never a piracy issue for UBI delays, they are just morons that suck at PC game development. Thanks for blaming us for the delays.

Title Update 1.3 - Information
The team is aware of your concerns / of the issues and reads every single comment posted in the threads in order to address reported issues as soon as possible.

As the next Title Update is almost here, I'd like to give you more details:

Title Update 1.3
- Input compatibility fix
- Mouse + WASD not working on some configurations;
- Mouse + Xbox 360 Controller (no need to unplug the pad, everything will work simultaneously): when you connect/disconnect pad on-the-fly the key icons will change during the next pop up// the game still will display pad icons if the pad is connected.
- The team made progress on the online stability but needs more time for testing - online fix will be in TU 1.4
- Release - 09.07.2012 or 10.07.2012

What's next? Here is the current plan for Title Update 1.4. However please note that the content or the release date might change a bit - we'll keep you posted.

Title Update 1.4
- Content (TBD) :
- last console title update and cloud update
- addressing graphic, performance, stability, online and compatibility issues
- Release ETA - approximately one week after Title Update 1.3
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