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Default Re: Should I buy Diablo 3? Opinions welcome...

d2 didn't really have end game, but then again over the years we've sort of come to expect it from a multi-player game. Either that, or if they followed Quake's example and allowed moding, then it would open the possibility for 3rd party developers to create a bunch of sub-games using their own engine, which is how CTF, Team Fortress, and others got in there ages ago...

But, and probably from their perspective, there would be a difference. Diablo III you purchase once, and they made their money. After this, the only impact on sales (aka their bottom line) is how word of mouth effects future sales of those who haven't bought it yet. WoW is subscription based, so if 80 or 90% of the player base got bored and stopped their monthly subscriptions (at least for a time), this would make a dent in their bottom line, as they will not have collected all the money they were going to, from each player, already.... Certainly not what customers always want to hear, but there could also be a matter of cold, hard, business involved wrt consideration for the longevity of the game before players grow bored.

Down the road though, whether there will be a 4 or not, would partly depend on demand yes; but then do they want to make a 4? Not sure there.... The devs themselves might have grown bored (hence the 10 years or so since d2), but given player expectation and anticipation there wouldn't have been a way to flat out say "we're really not interested", and still looked responsive to their customers in stating that....
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