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Default 302.17 regression, HDMI hotplug

I just got around to upgrading from 302.11 to 302.17 today.

On the 302.11 driver, I could plug my HDMI cable into my laptop at any time and the X would blink black, then enable the HDMI display. On the 302.17 driver nothing happens when I plug in the HDMI cable. I have to go into the GNOME display manager and as soon as I do the X server blinks blank and then the HDMI display is enabled.

The reverse will happen when I unplug the HDMI cable. The 302.11 driver automatically turned off the HDMI display. On 302.17 nothing automatic happens. I have to go into the GNOME display manager and tell it to turn off the second display, which is still visable even though it is no longer connected.

I preferred the automatic behavior. Is this an intentional change?

Edit: The behavior seems sparatic, which is the worse kind to try and fix. One boot-up the laptop was able to automatically enable/disable if I plugged or unplugged the HDMI cable. On another instance where I closed the lid (GNOME is set to blank the screen) and re-open it the HDMI output was never re-awoken and turning off or unplug/plug did not help. I had to reboot to have HDMI working again. This is turning into a general (collection) of bugs with HDMI.
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