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Default Re: The Secret World

Originally Posted by hirantha View Post
This is the first game I have tried from them. Its decent for a fresh release. I say wait till maybe they fix bunch of issues in the next and first patch.

What sux is no auction house in the game yet. That's a bummer for me.

I will be playing this only for 2 months, then gotta get rdy for GW2.

GW2 is wayyyy lot better compare to this (just from GW2 beta experience)
IMO GW2 is not way better. It's better in some ways, but worse at other things. From the beta I gathered it's more of the same, and the stuff they added is kinda superficial imo. They didn't change the way you play the game, they just give you more options.

The PVP aspect has some interesting aspects though, and it looks to be epic. I did only two pvp sessions in TWS, and from those two it was fun. And it feels way better than any fantasy setting mmo I played.
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