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Default Re: Support for X32 ABI

Originally Posted by KDE View Post
These 32 bit apps could be solved if Linux kernel dropped support for x86. People with 32-bit CPU should buy newer PC. There is also possibility there would be long-lived branch releases with support for x86 and x86-64 and official releases with support for X32 and x86-64.
Remember, no one owes you anything. No one has to dispose of their perfectly working systems just because you think they should.

I have a 64bit CPU with 8GB of RAM and, guess what, I'm running a ... 32bit Linux distro (with PAE). Why? Because I don't have any applications which magically work a lot faster in 64bit mode. Because I don't want to have a 32bit compatibility layer because I need to run Skype and Wine applications.

A few months ago I compared 32bit and 64bit versions of Firefox. At least in the V8 test made by Google 32bit Firefox is ... 25% faster than 64bit Firefox (the same system, the same kernels/libraries/etc.)
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