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Default Re: Support for X32 ABI

Originally Posted by artem View Post
I have a 64bit CPU with 8GB of RAM and, guess what, I'm running a ... 32bit Linux distro (with PAE). Why? Because I don't have any applications which magically work a lot faster in 64bit mode. Because I don't want to have a 32bit compatibility layer because I need to run Skype and Wine applications.
Wow, such people still exist? I though I'm the only one. I too don't see any need for a 64bit install, for the same reasons you state. What's different on my machine is that I only have 2GB of RAM. For a 32bit install, even that is almost overkill.
Then there's the thing where I share the same installation on all my machines because it makes maintenance much simpler, and only one of them is 64bit.

These 32 bit apps could be solved if Linux kernel dropped support for x86.
People with 32-bit CPU should buy newer PC.
*double facepalm*
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