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Default Re: Support for X32 ABI

Originally Posted by artem View Post
Remember, no one owes you anything. No one has to dispose of their perfectly working systems just because you think they should.

I have a 64bit CPU with 8GB of RAM and, guess what, I'm running a ... 32bit Linux distro (with PAE). Why? Because I don't have any applications which magically work a lot faster in 64bit mode. Because I don't want to have a 32bit compatibility layer because I need to run Skype and Wine applications.

A few months ago I compared 32bit and 64bit versions of Firefox. At least in the V8 test made by Google 32bit Firefox is ... 25% faster than 64bit Firefox (the same system, the same kernels/libraries/etc.)
PAE isn't good enough to run matlab on certain processes as it can consume in excess of 5Gb + of RAM, with PAE apps can only address 4Gb.
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