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Default Re: The Secret World

I'm having so much fun in TSW too but I still think GW2 has to offer lot more.

The Bad
Don't really like the crafting system in TSW, minecrafting like crafting system. easy but maybe too simple.

Ran polaris first instance man that thing was hard, ran as a blood healer. Heals are so small people kept dying and blood shields don't last long. So forcing me to change my build?

QL gear is the lvl system in game. Better QL you have faster the mobs die. I got a QL5 blood focus but gear still at QL3 and 4 so I take dmg when killing things (like mobs in Jacks pumpkin farm) and finding next QL stuff is not easy if you don't run instances.

Did 1 PVP and too many people not much space to run. Don't like it.

Pay for the game, $15 month and cash shop? eeeek

All these skills but only can carry 7 active and 7 passive as a blood heal 7 is not enough for me.

The Good

Love the story, the modern day feel. Love the graphics.

Easy to navigate quests. Love the quest system I think they did a good job with that. Quest rewards are not bad either.

Almost all of the quest can be done daily to gain them valuable APs

Someone once said in game this game is like a collectorís card game where you can collect all the cards but it takes time. That's very true every quest will give you AP and itís not that hard to collect bunch of AP in few hours. Then use that to open up more skills, but you going to need lot of AP to open all 512 something. I think itís a nice challenge.

Been playing this all weekend, and my pregnant wife is wondering why this is more important than spending time with her. Addiction lvl is too high. That's the only explanation.
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