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Default Re: Should I buy Diablo 3? Opinions welcome...

The game is too easy throughout all of Normal and Nightmare, making it tedious and boring after (or maybe during) the first character you run though. Hell is kinda-sorta tough occasionally but not really. Inferno is just boring. The boss fights are all the same. It's the champion packs that are a pain. Oh and all champ packs have enrage timers now so if you get a rough combo (like health link/waller/shielding/mortar, or basically anything which keeps you moving and prevents large amounts of damage) you will actually be killed by the game, if nothing else, for taking too long. This is implemented in the form of a DOT which kills you quickly and stays on you even after resurrection if you approach the mobs again. If this happens your options are limited to rerolling, playing HC, or buying upgrades on the AH. RMAH most likely, since the GAH is so inflated it's impractical. Or maybe farm gear in act 1 and hope you get lucky enough to find something worth selling. Chances are, you won't.

I haven't played in a week and frankly I have no desire to. Made it to Act 3 Inferno on a witch doctor (which is the worst class in the game, don't play one).
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