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Default Re: Spontaneous (?) lock-up on on recent driver on GF 8800 GT

Originally Posted by sandipt View Post
Please provide information as much as you can get to reproduce the issue :
- Reproduction steps in detail
- Desktop Environment you are using like KDE, GNOME, Unity etc…
- Window Manager you are using Compiz, gnome-shell, Kwin, Unity etc…
- Is the use is specific to GPU, System hardware, OS , Software Component etc…?
- Using any display manager like gdm, kdm etc…
I have no clear way to reproduce it. I did notice that it didn't happen when using the PC all by myself, stuff started to go wrong when I had my wife log in on a new X session.

I'm using GNOME 3, which is default on Debian testing. GNOME 3 with gnome-shell and gdm3. Your 4th question isn't clear to me.

What usually triggers it for me after a while:
1) login as myself
2) in GNOME, select "switch user" from the menu. This starts up a new X with login screen ("under CTRL-ALT-F8" so to say)
3) login there as well (this is the situation I meant above). This user also uses gnome-shell, etc., the whole thing, same as what I do.
4) switch back to the first user with CTRL-ALT-F7
5) unlock it and continue working

After a while, typically when I click on a link or something, I see the screen flashing black once and things start to stutter (clock doesn't run for a while). Sometimes it recovers, but most often it ends up in the hang up situation pretty soon after that (within a minute).

I've been using the PC yesterday all day without the stepds 2-5 and I was fine then. So it seems to be related. (I'm using this setup for a long time, without any problems, so it is a regression.)
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