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Default Re: Video tearing on second monitor using TwinView

Originally Posted by scottdeagan View Post
I have a GTX460, running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, Compiz with wobbly windows switched on, my second monitor is a 42-inch Sony TV.

When in TwinView mode, there is noticeable (annoyingly noticeable) tearing on the Sony TV. The tearing starts from the top and moves slowly to the bottom. I'm not interested in getting rid of the tearing for a video playback application - I want to get rid of the tearing even when I'm using the second monitor as a monitor (dragging windows around etc).

I have tried to use the other option (separate X window instead of TwinView), but all I get is a grey screen and an "X" cursor.

I've tried all the 295.x drivers and the 302.x beta drivers, nothing gets rid of the tearing (I'm also tried all combinations of vsync in the driver and CCSM, and manually setting the refresh rate).

It works perfectly on Windows 7 using the 301.42 driver, but I don't want to use Windows. I tried copying the ESID information from Windows 7 and loading it in Ubuntu 12.04 via xorg.conf, but the tearing persists.

It breaks my heart that this one issue has pushed me back to Windows. I understand that Linux gets a lot less love because it's the little guy, but would it not be possible to produce a driver that provides ALL the same basic functionality as the Windows counterpart? Why does dual monitor support work so flawlessly in Windows 7, but not in Linux?
Is it definitely a driver problem?

Have you tried GNOME Shell or Unity 2D or even GNOME Classic (without effects)?
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