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Default Re: NVidia 96.xx.xx & 173.xx.xx Legacy drivers donít work in Ubuntu 12.04

Originally Posted by bigdavesr View Post
Isure would like to know where you can buy new video cards for $10. Where i live used cards sell for at least $20 up depending on what it is.
If you need AGP or PCI then yes, you'll probably have to pay a premium.

But the GeForce 210 PCIe, e.g., is regularly on sale after rebate for $10. I picked one up myself (to replace a 7950 GX2) and it's perfect for a composited desktop.

But okay... say it's $20.

What's cheaper... you buying an updated card for $20 or NVIDIA spending five figures to go through all the rigmarole of updating their drivers?
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