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Default Re: The Secret World

Hey Talrain nice to see a fellow AoC'er I used to run with!

I unsubbed from AOC due to lack of ..everything! No groups, no raids no fun!

Once they import single server or do server merges, I might come back to AoC. PUGs may happen more which is cool as thats mostly how I geared my toons with t2 stuff.

The combat is deliberately slow until i believe u can crack the out ring skills to get a decent combination, whether its heals, DPS or tanking abilities. This game is a grind sink until you can get your best combination. That I don't mind..for now! So I dunno if I will continue to sub after the 1 month

BTW I am on Cerbeus server..and have a 2 man guild called... SWEETCHEEKS
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