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Default Xorg slows to a crawl on Fedora 17 w/ 295.59 on 9300 GE

I have two similar systems that I have upgraded from Fedora 15 to Fedora 17 recently. I'm using the RPM Fusion packages for the 295.59 NVIDIA driver, and all current Fedora 17 updates (which means Xorg server 1.12.2).

One of the systems has a GTX 460 SE. That one runs fine.

The other system has a 9300 GE, and after being logged in for a while (let's say 24 hours), things start to slow to a crawl. Xorg uses near-100% CPU when rapidly moving your mouse between windows (using focus-follows-mouse). Trying to use Firefox is awful, everything goes in slow motion. Logging out and back in to restart Xorg solves the problem, temporarily of course.

This is easily reproduceable and has happened every day for the last week or two. I tried the Nouveau driver instead of the NVIDIA driver and the problem went away as expected, but I'd rather use the NVIDIA driver for various reasons.

Is there a known issue with older cards (ie 9 Series) and the latest NVIDIA drivers?

Is there any easy way to use the older drivers (I believe I was using 280.13 on Fedora 15, and had no problems) with Fedora 17, to at least test that? RPM Fusion doesn't seem to have them available for F17. And getting NVIDIA drivers running without RPM Fusion packages seems to be a real nightmare in recent Fedora versions.

I did try using the 173xx drivers from RPM Fusion (for the 9300 GE system), and with those drivers, the slowness occurs right off the bat. You don't even have to wait the 24 hours to see it.
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