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Default Re: 320.17 can't detect video modes on Lenovo laptop


what is the state on this? In 304.22 I can work with

Option "MetaModes" "LVDS-0: 1440x900 { ViewPortIn=1440x900 }; LVDS-0: 1440x900 { ViewPortIn=1024x768 }; LVDS-0: 1440x900 { ViewPortIn=800x600 }; LVDS-0: 1440x900 { ViewPortIn=640x480 }; "

but these modes do not show up in nvidia-settings neither in xrandr (or, therefore, in any xrandr based tools).

Is there a possibility to get these to show up as modes in xrandr? This solution would work for all xrandr based tools, such as the ones from gnome or KDE, and therefore be the proper solution.

Kind regards, and thanks for fixing other things (like the resume bug)

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