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Default Re: 320.17 can't detect video modes on Lenovo laptop

Hi NvFuchs,

RandR 1.x (x >= 2) works in terms of modes on individual outputs, whereas a MetaMode defines the configuration of all outputs on the X screen including "meta" information like viewport configuration to use with a mode.

With 304.22, MetaModes are selectable through RandR 1.1 protocol. So, if you run `xrandr -q --q1` you should see the MetaModes you configured (well, RandR 1.1 only sees the size of the MetaMode, so I expect you'd see 1440x900, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480), and you can set those with the RandR 1.1 `xrandr -s SIZE`. SDL/Wine generally use either RandR 1.1 or XF86Vidmode to set the mode for a fullscreen game, so 304.22 should give more resolution options to fullscreen games.

We also enhanced the "IncludeImplicitMetaModes" X configuration option in 304.22 to make additional MetaModes available to RandR1.1/XF86Vidmode clients.

But, yes: we still need to make nvidia-settings aware of viewport configuration.
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