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Default Re: 320.17 can't detect video modes on Lenovo laptop

Originally Posted by aritger View Post
Hi NvFuchs,
Hi Andy


RandR 1.x (x >= 2) works in terms of modes on individual outputs, whereas a MetaMode defines the configuration of all outputs on the X screen including "meta" information like viewport configuration to use with a mode.

With 304.22, MetaModes are selectable through RandR 1.1 protocol. So, if you run `xrandr -q --q1` you should see the MetaModes you configured (well, RandR 1.1 only sees the size of the MetaMode, so I expect you'd see 1440x900, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480), and you can set those with the RandR 1.1 `xrandr -s SIZE`.
Alright, this indeed lists them and setting them works, I was missing the --q1 option (which is not in --help, but in the manpage)

Unfortunately xrandr based graphical tools, such as KDEs kcm, appear to be using version >= 1.2 of the protocol and therefore don't show these modes. I have to admit that I did not read the full specification, but if there is a way to get them added there as well, this would make the life of some users quite easier, since they use the tools that come along their desktop.

Based on your first explanation, it is a bit difficult since meta modes are on multiple outputs, while xrandr lists them per output. I am not sure whether it would be possible to extract the modes per output from the metamodes, assign them to the output they belong to and get them listed. As you allow output classes (as: DFP, CRT) or specifc outputs (CRT-0, DFP-1) in the metamodes, I assume this could be a bit of a pain, but not knowing your drivers internals I don't know wheter it's just that or not possible at all.

SDL/Wine generally use either RandR 1.1 or XF86Vidmode to set the mode for a fullscreen game, so 304.22 should give more resolution options to fullscreen games.
Indeed, the applications I tested appear to work, thanks a lot.

We also enhanced the "IncludeImplicitMetaModes" X configuration option in 304.22 to make additional MetaModes available to RandR1.1/XF86Vidmode clients.

But, yes: we still need to make nvidia-settings aware of viewport configuration.
That, and, if it is not violating any specs, getting them to be listed in xrandr >= 1.2 based things as well would be awesome.

Thanks for your good work and have a nice weekend.

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