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Default Re: 3xx drivers causing EQ overflow

Hi! Thanks for the answer/questions. The responses are as follows:

1) bug report is attached to the post on 07-07-2012
2) reproduction steps um, use the WM? This is a cumulative effect; I don't have any specific steps that seem to be causing it. It *may* be tied to using heavy 2D hardware acceleration (say, watching flash videos with VDPADU enabled), but that's purely speculation. The debug script may have more info on what's going on. I'm given to understand that there is a long-standing bug dealing with hardware acceleration, but I can't say if this is related.
3/4) I'm using FVWM, with a mix of KDE and GNOME apps installed.
5) Hardware is a BFG water-cooled GTX280. Temp never gets above 60C. It is not related to using any specific device on my system. OS is Gentoo Linux, 64-bit kernel version 3.4.4. But there is nothing specific I'm doing that causes the problem.
6) DM is kdm

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