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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD View Post
congrats you have bad taste for what makes a good game, this was worse then doom3 and it took them 7 years for this?
Awesome artwork, amazing animations, great guns and shooting action, and plenty of freedom to play as you choose while executing your imagination, which makes it $50 well spent on a stunningly beautiful game that gave me 40 hours of fun, although I wasn't impressed with the sudden ending or low res textures, neither of which I allowed to color my experience or have any affect what so ever on my enjoyment of the game. Too bad your experience wasn't the same.

Though given your negative attitude toward me I must say it's nice to hear you wasted your money on the game. You better apply a little more thought to how you spend your money next time, otherwise you're likely to go on complaining about your ignorant purchases on internet forums such as this one and in your fixation on your dissatisfaction with said purchases you're likely to go on with your attempts to insult those who refuse to share in your resentment and animosity toward the developers who didn't give you what what you think you wanted.

It's one thing to have negative feelings over something, but it's another to try and convince everybody else they should be sharing in your negativity, which sounds very much like an admission along the line of "Becuase I have negative feelings about that, I'm going to make sure others have negative feelings about that, and if they're not sharing in my negativity I'm going to attempt to force negative feelings on them with the likes of an insult by telling them they have bad taste or some other random nonsense I can come up with". The fact is I am surrounded by beauty becuase I have excellent taste in all things, and only some clown on the internet who is unable to perceive who he is talking to would think otherwise.

Congrats for making your self look like a fool. Care to try again?
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