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Question startx = blank screen

hello all. mkay, here's the problem. I've installed the newest nvidia display drivers (version 5328) by using the .bin file. it says everything went ok (it had to build a kernel interface). Whenever I attempt to start the x server with the installed drivers n the appropriate XF86Config file mods, it goes into a black blank screen and does nothing. I cannot crtl-alt-backspace to kill the server, nor crtl-alt-del to reboot. Also, it does not generate a log file when i reboot the system (reset button) and check under /var/log. attached is my XF86Config file. anyone have any ideas what might be going on? Another interesting note, if i set the verbose level to 5 (startx -logverbose 5), upon rebooting from the lockup, if i look at the XF86Config file it's full of random characters.

System specs:
Distro: Gentoo 1.4
X Server: 4.3.0
CPU: Athlon-XP 2400+
vid: GeForce3 Ti 200

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