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Default Re: DayZ mod for ARMA II

I started playing this a couple weeks ago and it's got me hooked. Sure, it's buggy right now, but it's still providing the most entertainment I've had in years from a game. Two days ago I had a fun little go.

I was all loaded up with gear and was driving north on a dirt road with a car I found. I parked behind some trees for a minute to look at my map and spotted a couple vehicles approaching the intersection I was at. I'm sure they didn't see me, but I wasn't completely hidden, so they would eventually spot me.

I stuck around until the last minute; I gunned it. They were only meters from the intersection when I took off in front of them. I saw them both stop and then the guy on the ATV came after me. Shots were fired at me, but I managed to stay ahead for several minutes, but the road was too narrow and windy and eventually the ATV got close enough that he was able to land a few good shots after getting off his ATV.

My little retelling doesn't even come close to capturing how exciting the whole thing was. Back to the coast for me.
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