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Default Re: 304.30 breaks SDL games

Originally Posted by flibitijibibo View Post
Posting to confirm the bug on my end as well. Happening on Fedora 17 x86_64 (Gnome 3 desktop) on a 560 Ti.
Fedora 17 X86_64 here, XFCE desktop, on a GT220.

I can reproduce this with all of my SDL games,
I've seen it with Second Life and FreeDroid RPG. it doesn't affect WINE or glxgears.

but I can't seem to get a screenshot of it... basically, any SDL application that gets focus will cause the entire desktop to tint dark blue, except for the mouse cursor. Putting focus on another window will remove the tinting until focus is back on the SDL application.
Yep, ditto. Not with imagemagick or ffmpeg's x11grab. And if the application has a screenshot function itself, those turn out fine too! I eventually used my Android phone to show it:

Downgrading back to 295.59 returns things to normal.

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