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Default Re: hdmi audio only working once (per boot) after upgrading from 256.53 to 260.19.29

Originally Posted by bocki View Post
i can't believe i'm actually typing this:

this issue has been fixed (at least for me) in 304.22!
I second that, all of it

Honestly, for several months I thought this will never ever get fixed, but now it is.

Since 15th of July my machine was running on Kernel v3.0.36 / NVIDIA x86_64 304.22
From today its Kernel v3.2.25 / NVIDIA x86_64 304.30, all on a debian squeeze system.
The HDMI Audio problem is gone.

Unfortunately i could not reply earlier because the Forum was down due to the DDOS (and its still struggling).

Thanks to bocki for reporting this issue more than 1,5 years ago, thanks to all others who kept this thread alive, and thanks to Nvidia for finally fixing the bug.
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